Lawyers are a competitive bunch. We know this. Nothing is better for a lawyer’s career than a well-respected win. And in an industry that can be so defined by which side of the win/loss coin one falls, it needs to be remembered that these battles aren’t confined to the courtroom.

To win a case for a client, you first need to have a client. Sure, you could have a go at representing air, but I don’t know if it’s involved in too many legal proceedings. If you take anything from this article, let it be that air is not particularly litigious.

For normal human beings, a Google search is the second most popular way to find legal help, just behind the ever-sought-after personal recommendation. With such a huge amount of potential clients scouring the web for assistance, you need to make sure that you’re getting in front of their faces. You need to win the SEO race.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the art of optimising your website in such a way that it appears at the very top of the search engine rankings when the relevant keywords are typed in. If done right, it can result in the holy grail of marketing – advertising that is as effective as it is free.

Optimisation can be applied in a few ways – ensuring relevant keywords are used throughout the site, having reciprocal links with other well respected sites, minimising junk material on your pages – but in order to avoid every site on the internet learning the tricks of the trade and being perfectly SEO optimised, big search engines like Google are constantly changing the game when it comes to what exactly will get your site on that coveted first page of results.

Do I Really Need It?

Let’s run a quick experiment. You’re Joe Blow from down the road and waddayaknow, you’ve found yourself in legal strife. Vintage Joe.

Try typing in “Lawyer in (your city)”. Is your law firm in the top few results? If you’ve had to scroll down the page to find yourself, you’ve already missed out on a swathe of clients who clicked on the links up top.

If you don’t appear on the first page, get this: 91% of people don’t look past the first page. Just 9% of the potential market is being hit. Cringe-worthy numbers.

This is where DigiSearch comes in.

Lawyer’s SEO With DigiSearch

Digisearch can get you on that front page. We realise that with SEO in a constant state of flux, and with your business being the unique beast that it is, you need a customised solution to your SEO problem.

Rather than deliver a temporary cookie-cutter fix, we consider all the intricacies of your law firm’s situation, delivering a bespoke SEO package that will give you the best shot at Google success.

The DigiSearch Advantage

A team with extensive experience in SEO, DigiSearch brings a multi-faceted approach to the challenge of the search engine optimisation for your law firm.

After acutely analysing your current situation, we use a combination of on-page SEO (both updating current content and producing new content), off-site SEO (linking with social media accounts and other respected sites) and technical SEO (tweaking your site’s inner workings to make it search engine friendly).

We also offer web design and CRO (conversion rate optimisation)! The most effective route to increasing your bottom line – and the one that our most successful clients adhere to – is to combine these services with our SEO expertise. Getting more prospects through the door, then converting more of them to happy customers; it’s the dream – why not make it the reality?

Let’s Do This!

DigiSearch’s work isn’t about irreparably altering the way a firm attracts clients. It’s about making that firm and its processes the best they can be. Tuning it up to its optimal performance.

You may well be happy representing air. All power to you. But for those looking to do things a better way, pick up the phone and give DigiSearch a call.