Imagine the biggest market in the world. Perhaps you’ve been to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (not Constantinople), or the 400-city-block expanse of El Alto Market in La Paz, Bolivia. As you can imagine, the competition in these places is intense.

They’ll get shouty. They’ll ‘do a special deal, just for you sir’. They throw daggers (sometimes literally) at other shopkeeps who have eyes for the same customers.

What if I said that these places aren’t really that competitive at all? In the scheme of things, they are absolute chicken feed. Because on the World Wide Web, Ecommerce businesses are competing directly with every other Ecommerce business on earth.

How the heck do you go about standing out in that particular crowd?


SEO, and Why You Need It

So you’re part of the online marketplace. You’ve got an Ecommerce business, and you’re keen to trade. Without leaning too heavily on paid advertising, how will people know you exist?

Sure you could spread the word through your network of family, friends and business associates, but those prospects are decidedly finite. How do you reach the other 7 billion odd people who you aren’t in some way connected to?

For online businesses, there is but one clear answer. People search for and find you on Google. The problem is, you may not be coming up for relevant search engine queries. Try it – put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and type in some keywords that line up with your business (e.g. Men’s fashion Sydney) into Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Can you find yourself? No? Try something else.

The fact is there is a science involved in getting atop any search engine ranking. That science is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and it may be your ticket to a thriving Ecommerce business.


DigiSearch and SEO for Ecommerce

Here at DigiSearch, we pride ourselves on our Ecommerce knowledge and experience. We’ve spent years perfecting the formula of SEO success, and utilising that experience could be one of the best moves you’ve made for your online trading.

We tackle the problem through three methods – on-site, off-site and technical. On-site is all about getting the content of your website optimised, so that search engines see you as a worthy choice to display. Off-site is about linking to other platforms such as social, to give your website credibility. Technical is the process of oiling the gears in the back of your website, making it run smoothly and in a way Google respects.

On top of that, we provide web design and conversion rate optimisation services (CRO) aimed at getting those who visit your website to settle in and become customers. As we all know, getting people through the door is only ever half the battle.


Why Hesitate?

People who use Google (Googlers? Googlists? I don’t know), i.e. everyone, are a fickle bunch. When was the last time you clicked on the second page of a search query? I can’t remember either. The fact is that hardly anyone does. Some studies have put the figure as low as 8%.

Just let that sink in. If you’re the eleventh result on a Google query, you are seen by only 8% of the potential customers.

Thankfully, there is a remedy. By contacting DigiSearch, you are taking the first – and best – step to success in SEO for your Ecommerce business.

All the world’s a market. Get yourself a stall by the entrance.