Death and taxes. Nothing is certain but them, we’re told.

While associations with death are generally to be avoided, it’s best to think of this one as more of a backhanded compliment. Because accountants – like funeral directors – will always be in demand.

The business is there to be taken. This is the cutaway. So ask yourself; are you doing everything possible to attract this potentially never-ending stream of clients?

Accounting is a competitive industry, and ensuring that your firm is doing all that it can to get in front of the eyes of potential clients is paramount to your success. And these days, the front line in the battle of garnering prospective clients’ attention is the World Wide Web.

Searching on Google is a knee-jerk reaction to almost every problem we encounter these days. A disputed fact at the pub? Google it. How long do I need to leave the chicken in the oven for? Google it. I’ve got a rash and a sore throat – what could it be? Google it. It will incorrectly tell you cancer, but you still Google it.

And it’s the same when a business or individual needs an accountant. Unless they’re over 85 and an absolute Yellow Pages die-hard, they’re going to Google it.

It’s All About SEO

Search engine optimisation. 3 little words that could do wonders for your bottom line.

SEO is the process of reworking your website in a way that makes it more desirable to search engines, resulting in a higher ranking when the appropriate keywords are searched. Whether the tweaks are minor, such as earning links from authority sites, or major, such as a total upheaval of the content on your site, getting your SEO game in order will have a profound effect on how visible your firm is to the masses.

But Do I Need It?

Let’s run a quick diagnostic. Type “Accountant (your city)” into the search engine of your choice. Can you see your name on the screen without scrolling down? If the answer is no, you’ve just missed out on getting in front of half of the people who typed those keywords in, as over 50% of people don’t look past the first 3 results.

Not to worry – can you see yourself on the first page? No? Unfortunately the situation’s getting dire. 91% of people won’t look past the first page.


That leaves a measly 9% of the total potential clientele who still have a chance of finding your name. And those are numbers that are hard to ignore.

Whether your market is Mum and Dad tax returns or large scale business accounting solutions, a solid web presence is perhaps the most vital cog in your marketing machine.

Accountant SEO With DigiSearch

Digisearch can get you on that front page. We fully understand that your firm is unique, with its own set of variables and requirements, and you need a customised solution to your SEO problem.

Rather than deliver a temporary cookie-cutter fix like many of our competitors, we consider all of the intricacies of your accounting firm’s situation, delivering a bespoke SEO package that will give you the best shot at Google success.

The DigiSearch Advantage

DigiSearch approaches the challenge of your search engine optimisation from a whole host of angles.

After extensively analysing your current situation, we use a combination of on-page, technical and off-site SEO, from content creation, to website optimisation and link reciprocation. We’ll take what you’ve got, refine it into a search engine optimised machine, then gift wrap it for Google, Yahoo and Bing to discover in the morning.

And why stop there? By combining our SEO expertise with our other services – web design and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) – you’re giving your firm the best chance of not only attracting new prospects, but converting them into long-term clients.

Let’s Do This!

DigiSearch’s work isn’t about irreparably altering the way a firm attracts clients. It’s about making that firm and its processes the best they can be. Tuning it up to its optimal performance.

You’ve found yourself in an industry that comes with a huge in-built advantage. You are needed. Capitalise on that advantage. Give DigiSearch a call.

Your firm’s future isn’t as certain as death and taxes. But we can make it close.