As much as I hate to say it, the 45-page real estate pull-out in the Saturday paper is on the way out. As tactile and immersive as fanning through page upon page of purchasable houses is, the cost and the waning readership is sounding a very faint death-knell on the enterprise.

When you compare the print option to an online marketing option, the death-knell begins to get louder. In 2014, according to the National Association of Realtors, 53% of home buyers started their search for a new abode online, and 90% used the internet at some point in their house hunting. Years later, it’s safe to assume that these numbers are now even higher.

So, unless you don’t particularly want to be in front of those 90% of your potential customers, you’d probably want to get your online marketing game in order. The first step to success? A website with solid SEO.


What is This SEO, and Why Should I Trust You?

Part 2 of that question – I haven’t got an answer. Because I’m a nice guy?

Part 1 of that question – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. But in this age of efficiency and instant gratification, who’s got time to say that?

The process of search engine optimisation has one simple goal. To get your site as far up a search engine’s rankings as possible. Whether it be Google, Yahoo or Bing, when the applicable words get typed, you want your website to be as close to that pole position as possible.

Having a site that is search engine optimised can result in the holy grail of advertising – marketing that is both entirely effective and entirely free. Rather than being an ad, organically getting placed atop the Google rankings doesn’t cost a cent. Although, it must be remembered, the process to get there may.


But Is It, as You Say, Essential?

So we are now well aware of the irresistible mass of people using the internet to hunt for houses. As with any question in life, you’re going to start the search for a solution to your lack-of-house problem on the front page of Google.

Type in ‘real estate agent [your city]’ into Google. Where do you sit in the results? Are you on the first page? If not, I’d suggest you sit down.

Here are the facts: according to a Gravitate Online study of over 8 million Google result clicks, 94% of people found what they needed on the first page. If you’re sitting on page 2, you are getting in front of the eyes of just 6% of the original searchers.

What’s more, almost 63% of people don’t look past the first 3 results. If you nail that front page but still fail to achieve a Google podium finish, you only get in front of 37% of that valuable target audience.


Real Estate SEO with DigiSearch

Are you looking to Bradbury up into those medal positions? Unlike Steven, you don’t have to wait for the competition to fall over. The team at DigiSearch can train your website into a world class Google-result athlete.

We provide a tailored solution to your SEO problem. We run a keen eye over the intricacies of your real estate agency, and deliver a custom package that will give you the best shot at search engine success.


The DigiSearch Advantage

DigiSearch’s extensive real estate SEO experience means that they are at the forefront of new SEO solutions. The fact is, SEO is a very fluid science. With Google, Yahoo and Bing constantly changing their algorithms, and changing the methods to succeed with them, you’ll need a team that is on top of the latest SEO changes. You’ll need a team that are ready to react with on-the-run adjustments, while still providing a solid SEO base.

At DigiSearch, we offer a 3-pronged attack to get you up the rankings, by using on-site (updating old and producing new content), off-site (linking your site to social media and other platforms), and technical SEO (oiling those website cogs).

But once you’ve got prospects through the website door, you still have to make them customers! DigiSearch also offers website design and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services, to maximise your online potential.


Get Started Today!

A potential home buyer has just put down their morning paper real estate section in disgust, and are on their way to the laptop to house hunt. What are you waiting for?

Do your agency a favour. Do your potential clients a favour. Make your online presence the best it can be. Contact DigiSearch today.