The hotel industry is highly competitive. Even small towns can have upwards of a dozen hotels / motels all vying for the same customers. That’s not to mention major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne that are home to more than a hundred hotels each.

So how do you ensure that your hotel sticks out from the pack and attracts new customers? Because the vast majority of people now use the Internet to find new hotels and book rooms, attracting new customers starts online.

Yet simply having a website isn’t enough. You must ensure that potential customers can easily find your page. The best way to do this is by ensuring your website appears in the first page of the search engine results for your local area.


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The Importance of SEO


Search engine optimisation, often shortened to SEO, is a system of optimising your website so that it appears near the top of the search engine results for relevant keyword searches.

SEO is completely organic and natural. You don’t pay the search engines to advertise your hotel business. Instead, you design your website and content so that these search engines naturally rank it higher, improving your company’s visibility.

The importance of SEO for hotels cannot be overstated. With hundreds of results for each online search, the vast majority of customers will select their hotel from the top couple of results. In fact, Search Engine Journal states that 75% of people don’t look past the first page and 33% only click the top result.

What does this mean for you? It means that if your website doesn’t appear near the top of the results in your local area, you’re not going to get many new customers.


DigiSearch for Your Hotel SEO


Here is a simple test you can try. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes. Imagine you need to book a hotel in your local town. You head online and perform a quick Google search for “hotel in (your city)” or “(your city) hotels.”

Do you see your company’s name listed on the first page of results? If you don’t, you’re missing a huge amount of potential customers. DigiSearch helps improve your SEO so you do appear on the first page.

We work directly with your business to provide the best SEO benefits possible. Unlike many of our competitors, we tailor our efforts to the specifics of your business. We know that a one-size-fits-all SEO package doesn’t provide the best benefits for hotels.


The DigiSearch SEO Process


DigiSearch has extensive experience working with Australian businesses across many industries, and our hotel SEO consists of the same basic steps.

First we perform extensive market analysis and keyword research. We use our findings to update your current content and produce new content (on-page SEO). We also tweak a number of things behind the scenes related to web design (technical SEO) that help Google crawl around. Finally, we improve your website’s offsite SEO by gaining authoritative links from other websites and on social media.


Additional DigiSearch Services


Looking for more than just hotel SEO? We also offer web design and CRO (conversion rate optimisation). Many of our most successful clients combine these services with our SEO service for the best results possible. We will always ensure some minimum conversion requirements are met (so that we can meet our conversion goals!) but extending our SEO service with a full CRO analysis could drive up your conversion rate. Increased traffic, with an increased conversion rate would drive your revenue upwards faster than just the improved traffic alone.


So Why Delay?


Contact us today to see how DigiSearch can improve your hotel SEO. We will work with you to bump your website to the first page of the Google organic search results, and get your hotel the leads it deserves.