Struggling to understand the basics of what Excel has to offer to SEOs?

Want to learn more advanced techniques for data manipulation to improve your output for clients?

Would you like to automate some of the mundane tasks you are probably doing every month?


DigiSearch can help out!


Excel offers some basic functionality, that when used correctly, can dramatically improve the documents you are able to send to clients. Instead of sending a one page report, how about sending them an interactive dashboard where they can pull their own insights. Or maybe you could automate your reporting, so you can spend less time but still invoice the same amount per report.


Our excel SEO training course offers insight into;

  • Correctly setting up your data
  • Pivots & slicers
  • Bulk keyword generation & classification
  • Dashboard creation using keyword rankings, traffic data, and more


In the full-day workshop, we will even get hands-on with you. This will allow us to build a couple dashboards using your own data so that you have a couple dashboards to show from your training.


Half Day Workshop: $450

Full Day Workshop: $750


Contact us today to organise your one-on-one Excel training!