Dropping thousands of dollars on a major Yellow Pages ad was about the best marketing strategy that dentists had 30 years ago. Dentistry is an industry of opportunism. If you’re located in the right area, and make yourself known to the people there, you could be the first option people think of when they need oral assistance (NOT IN THAT WAY. Get your mind out of the gutter).

You wouldn’t believe it, but that hulking mass of yellow paper that lobs on your doorstep once a year isn’t quite as popular as it used to be. Online is where it’s at, and your dental practice is going to swiftly roll downhill if you don’t put a heavy focus on online marketing.

And the online equivalent of the Yellow Pages isn’t yellowpages.com, as much as they’d like you to believe that. It’s Google. The most popular website in the world is where you go to answer every imaginable query, from ‘golf tee in teeth trick shot?’ to ‘where is my nearest dentist?’

What’s This SEO Business?

One thing that Google isn’t, is a random link generator for search queries. There are ever more complex algorithms created by it, as well as by Bing and Yahoo, to ensure only the most relevant material shows itself at the top of the rankings.

Understanding these algorithms, and ensuring that a website is built and runs in a way that search engines appreciate, is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are many ways that your dental practice’s site can be made more Google friendly, including on-site (filling it with appropriate content), off-site (linking it with social accounts and other sites), and technical (ensuring the framework of the site is in order). To get ahead in such a competitive game, you need to find experts that have the knowledge to succeed and the flexibility to change with every algorithm update.

DigiSearch and Dentist SEO

When it comes to dentist SEO, DigiSearch have both the experience and the drive to get you up those Google rankings.

We realise that your dental practice is a unique one, and we treat it as such. When it comes to SEO, there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter fix (no matter what our competitors tell you). DigiSearch gets to know your business, and comes up with a custom SEO package to give you the best shot of getting on Google’s front page.

But Do I Really Need It?

The majority of people – some put the number as high as 80% – will start their search for a new dentist online. They’ll jump onto Google and type in ‘dentist [your area]’.

Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. If you’re a dental practice in the CBD of Sydney, type in ‘dentist Sydney’. Can you see your name come up in those first few results? What about on the first page?

According to Chitika, almost 92% of people using Google never get past page one of the results. Think about that for a second. If you fall on page 2 as an answer to a Google query, you’re only ever going to be seen by 8% of potential customers. And even if you are on the first page, the first 3 results get 61% of the clicks. If you’re the fourth result listed on the page, only 39% of your potential audience will scroll down and see you.

They’re sobering numbers, and ones that highlight exactly how important SEO can be.

Why Wait?

DigiSearch is ready and raring to help you climb that Google ladder. Your business may be missing out on swathes of clients, purely by not having your website be the best it can be.

By combining their SEO expertise with their web design and conversion rate optimisation services, as our most successful clients do, you’re allowing DigiSearch to tune your online presence up to its optimum performance.

Why wait? Contact the friendly team at DigiSearch today!